IO2 Ebook

The objective of this e-book is to collect examples on the use of GBL in careers guidance together in order to provide a foundation on which the technical specifications of the Level Up resources can be based.

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About the Ebook 

GBL has a growing reputation for helping people to develop their skills and behaviours. That is why such an approach has been embraced by large companies for the development of courses on topics such as leadership, time-management, teamwork and other soft skills


The e-book contains more than 20 best practices from across Europe.


Best practices focus on the content and technical aspects of the GBL initiatives


Information on the target audience and the wider sector/policy need are also identified


The strengths and weaknesses of each practice are also presented

Many of the presented best practices have been developed as part of European-level projects.

  • This in turn, adds to the overall applicability of these resources within the Level Up Project

  • This also gives them a EU-wide applicability

Among the listed Best Practices, there are a wide range of modalities and methods

  • These include¬†mobile apps and online games, interview simulations, self-assessment and job-exploration tools, etc

  • Also included are national careers guidance platforms with a wide range of interactive game-based tools.

The Ebook also addresses a number of additional elements relevant to the project aims and objectives also

  • In the Ebook, other innovative practices within careers guidance more generally have also been explored

  • This all helps to provide a broad picture of the current adoption of GBL within guidance